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Everyday skin safe household items that can be used for natural skincare

Everyday skin safe household items that can be used for natural skincare

Hidden deep in your cupboards or passed around on the dinner table are beauty products that could revolutionize and oomph up your home skincare routine. These multifunctional everyday items not only save you money, but you also have tons of ways to incorporate them into your overly crowded skincare routine

Learning the secrets of DIYing beauty products from household items is fun, all-natural, and the hacks work like a charm. Just keep your cupboards stocked, and you'll be fine with these budget-friendly solutions straight from your kitchen that make an easy and cheap homemade beauty routine


Great moisturizing mask, it has antibacterial properties that reduce breakouts and unclog your pores pr spot treatment for pimples


They have essential oils that are excellent hair food and hydrating option as moisturizers. An avocado face mask is suitable for replenishing dry skin.


It's good for sunburns or as an exfoliant.

Sea salt

Great for exfoliating dead skin. Mix it with honey or fresh mean for an invigorating face scrub. Mix it with lotion to smooth out rough heels, knees and elbows


The protein-rich food works wonders on puffy eyes. Egg yolks are also a good spot treatment for swelling and scaring of zits

Greek Yoghurt

A yogurt face mask moisturizes, fights acne, slows down aging, relieves sunburn and controls discoloration. This skincare multitasker

Coconut oil

use as a makeup remover on your eyes and lips if you usually have breakouts. It also a moisturizer and hydrator for your hair and skin. softens skin and smells great

Baking soda

Soaking your feet in a baking soda and warm water foot bath will treat calluses and loosen dead skin. After rinsing, pat them dry, apply foot cream and slip into socks.

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