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The best make up brands on the market

The makeup scene is packed full of brands and companies, with new ones launching daily under the radar. The sheer market value is mind-boggling, not to mention the extent of publicity enjoyed by the most prominent names. More products, formulas, benefits and enticing offers keep coming up than you can keep track of. Some of the best brands include:


They not only run the couture and fragrance scene; their makeup line shares the same luxurious, refined reputation. It is instantly recognizable; Chanel is a symbol of being stylish, and the price matches the quality. They have a loyal cult following and a clientele that features celebrities.


Dior boasts a signature lipstick line that’s unmatched. The French-born fashion house is famous for having excellent lipstick collections and varieties you can think of. Their luxurious and exotic products have ruled models’ lips and earned them a favourite among designers worldwide.


They are a trendsetter in the beauty industry, popular for much-loved mascaras, eyeliners, foundations and lip care products. But that’s a single part of their brand; they also provide skincare and other personal care items you find stocked in salons and beauty parlours worldwide.


Easily the most common beauty brand for many people. They offer premium quality at an affordable price tag-something everyone loves. Revlon is a taste of the glamour, luxury and exclusiveness of high-quality products without the hefty price. From mascara to nail polish, chances are you have one of their items lying around somewhere.


Elegant yet bold is their speciality. Their cosmetic and beauty line is famous for daring palettes, vibrant hues, exciting shades and an endless variety of makeup and beauty products for all your needs.

Some other iconic brands include Burberry, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clarins and Maybelline New York. Whichever brand you fall in love with, you can never go wrong with their products.

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